Supply-Chain Automation and Optimisation

We offer full-service plastic design for Automation and Optimisation     

Engineers and food and beverage companies who are looking to build and improve factories need custom plastic solutions that easily integrate into supply chain and automation processes. Rotaform offers process consulting and product design & manufacturing that reduce cost and improve quality in your business.


Our Services

As a team of award winning designers and manufacturing experts we take pride in our ability to consistently deliver robust designs and with the attention to detail that critical creating a perfect product. 


  1. Custom design and moulding of plastic products for logistics, robotics and automation applications.

  2. Process advisory around how products interact with robots and automated conveyor systems. 


    Typically a project lasts from 6 - 18 months.


    Our Process

    1. Project Scoping.
    2. Documentation of the scope and the deliverables.
    3. Concept rendering for new features and products.
    4. Stakeholders discussion and selection between options.  
    5. Develop and improve designs toward completed concept and client approval.
    6. Rapid prototyping. Product key features and stress points, and/or mould scaled down (1:5) test products.
    7. Final design and stakeholder approval.
    8. Moulds sent for tooling and small product run completed.  
    9. Factory acceptance test (FAT) - Clients approved shake/flip/drop tests.
    10. Site acceptance test (SAT) - On-site clients approved tests.
    11. Full order delivered.


    Who Uses Rotaform?

    Rotaform helps businesses that need to improve and build new manufacturing processes for their organisation. By partnering with us, businesses have the freedom to design and source custom-moulded plastic containment solutions that optimise their supply chain and automation processes.

    Our typical clients need high quality outcomes with minimum business risk as well as support and assistance with optimising their logistics channels. We work with smaller companies through to multi-nationals. 




    Manufacturing and Quality Guarantee

    We meet with key stakeholders to understand your optimal outcome and ensure that the project is on track to deliver on functional and financial outcomes. During the ideation stage we run FEA tests to simulate real world loadings and find the best preforming designs.

    Prior to your product being shipped from our facilities we perform a series of performance tests to ensure real-world quality meets or exceeds requirements. The parameters of our Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) are agreed to by your stakeholders, meaning products are not shipped until quality standards are met.

    After delivery we perform Site Acceptance Test (SAT) at your locations (with pre-approved shake, flip , drop and use tests), to make sure the solution performs perfectly.  


    Cost and Scale

    Customer solution designs are usually more cost effective than compromising with an existing stock solutions. Particularly when making 2000+ units - the extra cost of a custom designed product is often effectively free if we can amortise the product moulds.


    Capacity and Manufacturing Capability

    By owning two NZ factories (Auckland and Hamilton) we are able to deliver high-quality products faster with better local service. For larger orders we can manufacture at a lower cost by contracting our global supplier network (3 factories in China, 1 in Korea, 1 in Taiwan and 3 in Australia). 

    From 1 to 10,000,000+ units our global manufacturing network is build to deliver the perfect product at an affordable price-point. From 12 - 6,000 Tonne Machines we can deliver products from 100 grams to 500kgs.

    We have opened our manufacturing network to multiple manufacturing styles to guarantee your use the the best plastic manufacturing process for your project - be it vacuum forming, rotational or injection moulding.

    Talk to us about your project today.