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Wheelie Bin 240LWheelie Bin 240L
Wheelie Bin 240L Sale price$119.48 + GST
Wheelie Bin 120LWheelie Bin 120L
Wheelie Bin 120L Sale priceFrom $58.00
Wheelie Bin 80LWheelie Bin 80L
Wheelie Bin 80L Sale price$98.00 + GST
Wheelie Bin 140LWheelie Bin 140L
Wheelie Bin 140L Sale price$108.78 + GST
Sold out
Bokashi Compost BinBokashi Compost Bin
Bokashi Compost Bin Sale priceFrom $29.38
Plastic Pedal Wheelie Bin 120LPlastic Pedal Wheelie Bin 120L
Plastic Pedal Wheelie Bin 120L Sale priceFrom $116.15
Wheelie Bin 360LWheelie Bin 360L
Wheelie Bin 360L Sale price$217.28 + GST
Wheelie Bin 660LWheelie Bin 660L
Wheelie Bin 660L Sale price$645.00 + GST
Wheelie Bin 1100LWheelie Bin 1100L
Wheelie Bin 1100L Sale price$762.50 + GST
Sold out
Front Load Bin 1500LFront Load Bin 1500L
Front Load Bin 1500L Sale priceFrom $1,250.00


What Types of Waste Can I Put in These Bins?

We recommend segregating your waste into general waste, recyclables, and compost. The general waste bin can hold most household waste, excluding concrete, stones, liquids, or hazardous materials. You can place clean, dry paper, cardboard, and plastic containers in your recycling bin. Scraps like fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, and coffee grounds can go into your compost bin. Ensure you refer to your local council's website for a full list of rules regarding waste segregation.


Is There a Standard Waste Bin Size?

Different sizes are available to cater to diverse requirements, considering household size and the amount of waste generated. For instance, a 140L bin is suitable for 1-2 person households, while a 240L bin suits 5-6 person households.

Businesses can purchase bins in bulk for segregating different types of waste or opt for larger bins if there is a substantial waste output. This flexibility allows users to tailor waste disposal solutions to their circumstances and environmental responsibilities.


Why Choose Rotaform Waste Bins?

Choosing Rotaform waste bins offers a multitude of benefits: 

  • Enhances Brand Presence: Stamp your business name and logo on these bins.
  • Easy Maintenance and Durability: Enjoy a 10-year manufacturer warranty on heat, frost, and UV ray-resistant bins that are easy to clean.
  • User-friendly: Our mobile bins adapt effortlessly to your needs.

Start shopping today for a seamless waste solution tailored to your business!

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