Custom Product Design

With 40 years experience with NZ and Australian companies, our team can design and mould or source almost any plastic product. Our world class designers thrive on designing cost-effective products and using innovative solutions to solve unique industry problems.

We can design and manufacture any plastic product from 1 item to 10 million+ units in 2-8 months (typically). Our experienced team will guide you through making a robust and award winning product that is delivered on time and to spec.


We work with a variety of customers anywhere

Between small family-run businesses to large scale multinational companies.

For most projects it takes 2 - 8 months from first phone call to your first product delivered. Your delivery timeline depends on the complexity of each project stage (briefing, design, sourcing, testing, approval, manufacturing and delivery).

In some special cases (like for the Rugby World Cup) we have designed and manufactured custom items in as little as 6 weeks.

Our Process

STEP 01: Feasibility Study.

Rotaform is able to provide a high-level budget and timeframe based on experience to ensure the project is likely to meet the goals of our customer.

Our Process

STEP 2:  Discovery

Discovery phase ensures the project meets the goals of our customers and all stakeholders. Rotaform hold a discovery workshop ideally with all stakeholders to ensure our design team go into the design phase with a complete knowledge of all processes, performance requirements and goals.

Our Process

STEP 3.  Concepts

Our designers produce concepts that aim to meet the goals and performance requirements dictated by discovery. 

Our Process

STEP 4.  Engineering and specification

Taking the agreed concept or concepts forward our design team engineers produce detailed CAD models of the design. We may run FEA analysis of the geometry to ensure the parts meet performance requirements we also may produce rapid prototypes. We will also agree on detailed specifications including tolerance, materials, testing programs for release and production.

Our Process

STEP 5.  Tooling and FAT testing

Tooling of the parts is undertaken utilising Rotaform’s exceptional supply chain. For Roto or injection, tooling generally takes place in China. Samples are produced and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) takes place as agreed in specification. If required independent testing also takes place at this stage once FAT requirements are met.  Rotaform generally uses SGS for independent testing.

Our Process

STEP 6.  SAT Testing and sign off

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) takes place once FAT and independent testing is complete. The parts are tested on site, in the environment where the production parts will eventually be used or utilised. Once these tests are complete, the production specification is agreed and signed off and production can begin.

Choose every detail

We will guide the design process so you can customise every detail.

From durability, grip, stackable, reinforcement, colours and branding, everything is considered. We will recommend a range of plastic grades that change finish quality, strength, UV, durability, and fulfil any special requirements (flame resistance, static-free etc.).

Award Winning Capabilities

trusted by many

We have created plastic products from wheelie bins, to folded bins for some of New Zealands most established companies.

Custom-made v.s. Pre-made Products?

Typically when producing a run of 2,000 or more units, it is often more cost effective to design a custom product that’s perfect for your application, as opposed to settling for the inefficiencies of a stock product. Normally, the cost of product moulds and tooling can also be amortised by our factories, meaning the design process is effectively free.

Attention to detail at every stage

The number one issue that most of our clients face is having challenging part designs. Getting the design and prototyping stages right is difference between mediocrity and excellence. At Rotaform, the entire custom mold-making process from design to production is a collaborative effort and clear feedback at every stage is critical to a successful build.

With our New Zealand factory floor managers averaging 19 years of mold-making and production experience, you can trust that every stage of your project is handled with care by experts.

Learn more about custom-mold manufacturing in these case studies.

How it works

  1. Talk to us about your product requirements.
  2. Our design team will advise on trade-offs and design features for the best product.
  3. Our engineering team will make a preliminary mold and give you a full project quote to approve.
  4. We make low volume test run, deliver samples, and test quality and performance.
  5. After quality sign-off, molds are cast, products are manufactured and delivered.

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