Commitment to Quality

Throughout the plastic production process we perform complete testing and quality assurance. Depending on the product we will simulate real-world loads during the design phase, make pre-manufacturing scale models, and perform impact/load/drop/use-case tests before finished products are approved to leave our factory. This means that our final products exceed the industry standards for safety, material quality and durability.

Award Winning

With over 40 years of experience with NZ and Australian companies, our team can design, mould or source virtually any plastic product. Our world-class designers thrive on designing cost-effective products and using innovative solutions to solve unique industry problems. As experts in all things plastic design our robust products have seen some attention:

The Designers Institute of New Zealand

NZ Packaging Associated Supreme Design Award

New Zealand Best Awards

Best in Category - Product Design - Industrial Design Business excellence awards by Auckland City Council Excellence in Manufacturing Excellence in Exporting

Packaging Council of New Zealand

Excellence in Innovation and Design Excellence in Environmentally Acceptable Packings Systems

Committed to creating remarkable
plastic solutions that go beyond
what you desire.

We have had 3,500 bins since 2004 and only replaced 42 panels. They are not even showing signs of wear. Unbelievable

Craig Woolford

GM Operations

Rotaform developed comples folding crates using a global supply chain including California, Italy and Thailand. Saved over 50% on our freight costs

Brian Wilson

GM Turners logistics

The only company that offered a custom solution

Mark Hayton

Jack Links

Trusted by Incredible Companies