Searching for Plastic Manufacturers in Auckland? Visit our factory showroom and browse our huge range of plastic products.

You can visit our showroom on 59 Montgomerie Road, Mangere 2022 from 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Contact us to arrange a time for a personalised consult on 09 275 2144.

Local Factories with a International Manufacturing Network. 

Depending on your product or project, it's often more affordable to use a combination of local prototyping and service and international manufacturing. Our team of local experts will help you find the best designed solution while delivering the most affordable unit price across our local/global factory network. 


Rotaform Plastics

Address: 59 Montgomerie Road, Mangere, Auckland 2022

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59 Montgomerie Rd,
Auckland 2022
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Opening Hours
8am - 4pm Mon - Friday
CLOSED Saturday - Sunday

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09 275 2144


Our Auckland-based Plastic Manufacturing Factory

In our Auckland Factory we have 9 moulding stations with machines capable of moulding products as small as a 1L milk bottle (30x10x10cm) using 100grams of plastic, all the way up to a large swimming pools and 42,000L water tanks (6x3x3meters) using over 500kgs of plastic. Typically, we will make un-stackable, limited run, prototype or made to order products in our Auckland factory.  


Our International Factory Network

Our global manufacturing network uses every type of plastic manufacturing -  vacuum forming, rotational or injection moulding. Across our 8 factory network we have 3 located in China, 1 in Korea, 1 in Thailand and 3 in Australia. Each location has up to 400 injection moulding machines with some weighing over 6,000 tons. This gives us the capacity to process orders from a single item up to more than 10,000,000+ units of any plastic item. To keep prices down, for specialty or larger product runs, we will typically put your order through our international manufacturers. 

All of our factories are well established and run by experienced operators. They also have a series of quality assurance processes and tests to make sure that product quality is high while landed unit price is minimised. 


For a quote or conversation about your options, talk with our team today.